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Neighborhood Meeting Summary

posted Apr 27, 2013, 7:02 PM by Corry Addison

Hi Neighbors,

I'd like to thank all of you who had the opportunity to join us at our neighborhood meeting this past Thursday.  Turnout was well above expectations, and the meeting was productive.  If you didn't have a chance to make it, here's what you missed:

- Paul Pereira from Sam Liccardo's office dropped by to let us know what to expect in the future regarding developments around the area.  Kaiser continues to make progress on their plans to build a new facility near Skyport & Technology, and there is progress regarding the proposed Marriott property at Skyport and First. St.  Also, CalTrans is expected to take a more proactive approach to cleaning up graffiti on state properties, so we can expect cleanup on local bridges and sound walls.

- New RGNA bylaws were approved, pending revisions related to youth representation, and allowing for voting by proxy.  Look for them to be posted to RGNA.org in the near future.

- Neighborhood Watch sparked a lively discussion.  For the program to be effective, our neighborhood is going to be broken down into roughly 18 blocks consisting of 25-30 houses each.  RGNA is currently working with the San Jose Police Department's  Crime Prevention Specialist to make this happen.  Once the mapping is complete, we will need a minimum commitment of 10 houses per block in order to schedule a meeting with SJPD at the block level.  At this time, we are asking neighbors to confer with each other to determine the amount of interest in their immediate vicinity.  Expect to see more information coming regarding this in the near future.

- In regards to the potential of a private security patrol, the main hurdle that we will be facing is cost.  The program would cost approximately $2400 to run for 3 months.  RGNA is happy to pool the funds from the community in the hopes of reaching this goal.  Our expectation is that each participating household (roughly 15% of the community) would need to contribute $40 each to help us reach the goal.  This number isn't set in stone; if we have more participation, the amount goes down, less and it goes up.  However, we must raise a minimum of $2400 before we can initiate a contract with the security company.

- Our neighborhood yard sale took place earlier today, and had a high level of participation from sellers and buyers alike.  I look forward to sharing more information regarding it with you in the near future.

Don't forget about the Rosemary Gardens Bike Party, kicking off tomorrow from 1274 San Juan Ave., at 4:00PM.  We're hoping to see all of you there for a quick bike tour of the neighborhood.


Corry Addison

RGNA President