Below are the original Rosemary Gardens tract map and declaration from 1946.  Note that Patton Ave. is now Forrestal Ave.  Also note that Santa Paula Ave. and San Juan Ave. joined the neighborhood two years later in 1948.

1946 Rosemary Gardens Tract Map

These pictures provided by Bonita Hoffman, aka Bo, show the model home brochure, a picture of a car accident, and an aerial photo of Rosemary Gardens during the late 1940's.

Model Home Brochure - Front Cover
Model Home Brochure - Pages 1-2
Model Home Brochure - Pages 3-4Model Home Brochure - Pages 5-6
Model Home Brochure - Back Cover

Rosemary Gardens - Accident 1940's

Rosemary Gardens - Aerial Photo 1940's

Below is an article from the April 26, 1947 San Jose News Evening paper announcing the opening of Rosemary Gardens. The article and the rest of the paper can be seen here.


Rosemary Gardens Footer